How to copy tax form data to Excel

How to copy tax form data to Excel

If you have to copy data from tax documents to Excel you can save hours of time and reduce errors by automating the process. There are many tools online, but if you’re looking for a simple and secure tool that supports tax forms out of the box, then DocuClipper might be a great option.

This article explains how to automate the process of copying W-2 or 1099 data to Excel.

Creating a template

Before you can extract any data you have to create a template.

The easiest option is to use one of the Customizable Templates as a starting point.

  • Make sure you have an example W-2 or 1099 available.
  • Go to “Templates > Customizable” and look for the W-2 or 1099 template.
  • Click on “Use Template”.
  • Drop the example W-2 or 1099.
  • If your W-2 or 1099 has a slightly different layout, you might need to adjust the yellow boxes.
  • Once you’re done click on “Update Template”.
DocuClippper | W-2 customizable template

Congratulations! You have a template that can be used extract data from your tax forms.

Extracting the data

Next step is extracting the data:

  • Go to “Extract Data > Template”.
  • Select the template you just created.
  • Drop the tax forms.
  • Split the documents if needed (see next section).
  • Click on “Start data extraction”.
DocuClippper | Extract data using a template

Once the process is finished you can find your data in the “Data Archive”.

Splitting the documents (optional)

DocuClipper works with one tax document at a time. If you have a PDF with one tax form per page or even multiple tax forms in the same page you need to split the document:

  • Drop the tax form.
  • Click on the “Split” button.
  • Check “Treat each page as a separate document” if your document has 1 tax form per page.
  • Select the number of tax forms in the horizontal direction in each page. Default is 1.
  • Select the number of tax forms in the vertical direction in each page. Default is 1.
DocuClippper | split document

Exporting the data to Excel or Google Docs

Once the data is available in the “Data Archive” you can easily copy it to Google Docs.

  • Go to “Data Archive”
  • Click on the job.
  • Click on “Export to Google Docs”.
DocuClippper | Export the data to Excel or Google Docs
That's it! If you have questions feel free to send us an email to and we'll be happy to help.

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