Generic Conversion Mode


DocuClipper has 3 different ways of converting documents:

  1. Supported banks. DocuClipper already has a template that's configured to extract the transactions in the bank statement.
  2. Custom template. Users can create a custom template to control what exact data gets extracted.
  3. Generic conversion. DocuClipper converts the PDF to a spreadsheet without any configuration. This is the easiest mode, however, you don't have any control over what data gets extracted.

Supported banks

Custom template

Generic conversion

In this mode, DocuClipper converts all the data in the PDF to an Excel spreadsheet. The only configuration option is how many columns to split the data into: Generic columns

In this mode the only export option is XLSX. This is because DocuClipper doesn't know which columns contain the dates, amounts, etc. If you want to be able to export the data to QuickBooks or other systems, you can create a custom template or email to get help.