Import data into QuickBooks Desktop (IIF)

Download the transactions as an IIF file

To export the data as an IIF file that can be imported directly into QuickBooks Desktop follow these steps:

  • Login to DocuClipper
  • Click on "Extract Data" (top left)
  • Click on "Bank Statements"
  • Search for your bank
  • Drop one or more PDFs
  • When the data extraction is finished, click on "Download IIF".
  • Select "Bank" or "Credit Card".
  • Enter the source account.
  • Enter the destination account.
  • Enter the year.
  • Click on "Download IIF".
  • An IIF file will be downloaded to your "Downloads" folder.

Importing the IFF file into QuickBooks Desktop

Once you have the IIF file follow these steps to import the transactions into QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Click on "File > Utilities > Import > IIF files"

Import IIF file into QuickBooks Desktop

Here's a video with more information on IIF files and how to import them into QuickBooks: