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Team size

1,500+ employees

Use Case

Bank statement conversion, data import into QuickBooks, data import into Xero

Sikich LLP is a leading professional services firm specializing in accounting, advisory, technology and managed services.


The client services team at Sikich spent a lot of time manually entering bank transactions into their accounting system. The process was tedious and error-prone.


Sikich uses DocuClipper to eliminate manual data entry. A few of the processes that have been automated include: 

  1. Importing bank statement transactions into QuickBooks and Xero. 
  2. Automatically converting payroll summaries, list of transactions, and other financial documents to Excel.

Both scanned and digital documents

Using advanced OCR technology, Docuclipper can handle both scanned and digital documents. Even low-quality scans can be processed successfully.

Years of data available in seconds

Thanks to its scalable design, DocuClipper can quickly process documents in bulk. Dozens of statements can be processed in seconds.

Responsive and helpful support

Accustomed to unresponsive customer support, Sikich was pleasantly surprised by how responsive the DocuClipper support team was. “Any question or issue was resolved on the same day”, Kristin said.


Using the right tools allows Sikich to work more efficiently and focus on what they do best, building meaningful relationships with their clients.

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