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Angie H. Z.
Angie H. Z.Accountant & Bookkeeper
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2 Years of Bookkeeping (1106 transactions) in Just Few Hours

This was at great timing. I have 3-4 new tax clients that I have to do all their 2022 bookkeping. I did 2 years of bookkeeping (1106 transactions) for a client yesterday, including seting up the QB desktop file, chart of accountants, & rules. It worked great!!! I was able to reconcile the second year all at once!

Jeanette A.
Jeanette A.Manager of Quality Management
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Very easy to use and very reliable with the data conversion

It is extremely easy to drag and drop the statement into DocuClipper; conversion is very fast. Captured ALL data vs competitor.

Bryce Y.
Bryce Y.Writer, Speaker,and Consultant
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Huge timesaver for dealing with PDF data

DocuClipper just saved me hours of work to pull transaction data from closed bank accounts that the bank would only give me PDFs for! It took just a couple of minutes and worked right out of the box, even with my Australian bank statements. Highly recommended. The reconciliation feature even let me fact-check the data after it was extracted!

James F.
James F.Vice President Software Development
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Best PDF Converter for Bank Statements

It is so easy to import Financial Transactions from bank statements! I have saved hundreds of hours preparing financial accounting reports for conservatorships and Living Trusts!!!

Nikolay A.
Nikolay A.
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Saves a lot of time

Fast conversion of most pdf statements into Excel. Bespoke templates for most banks. No steep learning curve. Keeps improving. Good support. the reconciliation feature acts as a self-check. Pricing is well-matched to the value you get.

Frans M.
Frans M.
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Reviewing the Versatility of DocuClipper

The dynamic conversion of Absa bank statements. They are the worst format of PDF in the country and are not usable when converting with other packages.

Daniel P.
Daniel P.Associate Accountancy & Business Lecturer
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Great Value Service

I HIGHLY recommend using this service. It has saved me days of work over the last few months and is reasonably priced.

Justin B.
Justin B.
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Essential resource for bookkeeping business!

I like how DocuClipper helps me to take PDF bank statements and turn them into CSV files.

Stacey B.
Stacey B.CEO
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DocuClipper simplifies importing bank statements

I like how easy is to import the bank statement from any bank and receive an excel file in seconds.

Amin S.
Amin S.Co-Founder / Owner
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It works Amazingly

I HIGHLY recommend using this service. I tried different solutions. It was the only one that really worked.

Joan G.
Joan G.Staff Software Engineer
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Super useful tool for batch data entry

The batch data extraction feature is great to process a bunch of forms and get the data automatically on Google Sheets for you to use.

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