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Navigating through financial data becomes a breeze with DocuClipper, your go-to bank statement converter. Whether it’s converting bank statements to Excel or extracting data with our advanced OCR technology, we ensure accuracy and efficiency in every step.

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bank statement ocr 99% Precision

99% Accuracy

Enjoy 99% accuracy in document processing with our state-of-the-art OCR technology.

bank statement ocr instant conversion of financial documents

Instant Conversions

Achieve fast docments conversions in mere seconds, bolstering your productivity and efficiency.

bank statement ocr Fully Automatic​

Fully Automatic

Enjoy fully automated PDF processing that requires no manual intervention or complicated templates.

DocuClipper provides excellent expert customer support

Expert Support

Benefit from our expert customer support, always ready to assist you in navigating through any challenge.

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#1 Bank Converter

Rated as the #1 Bank Statement Converter, with unmatched OCR functionality for fast PDF to Excel, CSV, or Sheets conversions.

DocuClipper Unique OCR features

Unique Features

Suite of unique features, such as multi-account support, superior OCR capabilities, a no-template-necessary approach, and more.

How Our Bank Statement OCR Streamlines Your Data Extraction

DocuClipper’s Bank Statement OCR simplifies the process of converting PDF bank statements to Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets formats. Follow these easy steps to harness the power of OCR for your financial data extraction needs.

Step 1: Upload Your PDF Bank Statements

Sign in to your DocuClipper account and navigate to the Bank Statement OCR section. Upload your PDF bank statements securely, either by dragging and dropping the files or browsing your device.

Step 1 DocuClipper Upload Bank Statement, Receipt or Invoice

Step 2: Data is Extracted Automatically

DocuClipper’s advanced OCR technology automatically extracts the relevant data from your financial documents with accuracy and precision. Customize additional settings and options as needed to fit your requirements.
Step 2 bank statement receipt invoices data extracted automatically ocr technology

Step 3: Import the Data With One Click

Finally, download the extracted bank statement data in your chosen format such as Excel or CSV, or directly export it to your preferred accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage, for seamless integration and streamlined financial management.

import bank invoice receipt data extracted to excel csv or quickbooks sage or xero

Seamlessly Convert Bank Statements to Excel, CSV, and More

Works with Any Bank Statement

DocuClipper bank statement converter software automatically pulls the transactions, dates, account numbers, and other relevant data from any scanned or digital bank statement.

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Automatic Reconciliation DocuClipper Features

Guaranteed Accuracy through Reconciliation

Conversion accuracy is ensured by automatic reconciliation, which compares transaction totals to summary information on the statement. If everything checks out, the statement is identified as reconciled, saving you time and manual review.

Seamless Integration With Excel and Accounting Software

Our bank statement extraction software seamlessly integrates with Excel and popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage, making the import of extracted data a breeze.

DocuClipper Security Standards

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Why Choose DocuClipper’s Bank Statement Converter?

Supports 1,000+ Banks

DocuClipper bank statement converter offers compatibility with over 1,000 small and large banks worldwide and 10,000 different bank statements.

Fast Processing

Our serverless infrastructure guarantees that your bank statements are processed in seconds regardless of the number of bank statements you processing.

Bulk Processing

DocuClipper bank statement converter allows you to upload batches of statements PDF at once regardless they’re all from same bank or not.

Flexible Export Options

DocuClipper enables you to convert your bank statements into Excel, CSV, JSON, or QBO formats. Easily select your preferred format to download your files.

Highest Security

DocuClipper has passed an independent security review by Intuit. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit with enterprise-grade encryption.

Highly Scalable

DocuClipper bank statement converter scales seamlessly to meet your demands at any point without experiencing any downtime without compromising on accuracy.

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DocuClipper saved us a lot of time

DocuClipper has helped us eliminate several manual data entry processes, saving us a lot of time.

Read Customer Story

Kristin M. Staff Accountant, Sikich

Excellent customer support and great software

My team has reported back to me that you have been supporting them really well and that they are really happy with the software.

Sally Hawksford DocuClipper Customer
Sally-Ann T. Head of Accounting & Tax, Hawksford

DocuClipper simplifies importing bank statements

Importing the bank statement from any bank and receiving an excel file in seconds.

Stacey G DocuClipper Reviews
Stacey G. CEO

It works Amazingly

I HIGHLY recommend using this service. I tried different solutions. It was the only one that really worked.

Amin S DocuClipper Reviews
Amin S. Co-Founder

Saves a lot of time

Easy-to-use, offers custom bank templates, continuous improvement, helpful support, self-checking reconciliation, and fair pricing.

DocuClipper Review Nikolay A
Nikolay A. Accountant

Essential for bookkeping business

Efficiently converts PDF bank statements into CSV files for convenient financial management.

Justin B DocuClipper Review
Justin B. Small Business Owner

Very easy to use and very reliable

It is extremely easy to drag and drop the statement into DocuClipper; conversion is very fast. Captured ALL data vs competitor.

Jeanette A DocuClipper Reviews
Jeanette A. Manager

Great value service

I HIGHLY recommend using this service. It has saved me days of work over the last few months and is reasonably priced.

Daniel P DocuClipper Reviews
Daniel P. Associate Accountancy

Super useful tool for batch data entry

The batch data extraction feature is great to process a bunch of forms and get the data automatically on Google Sheets for you to use.

Joan G DocuClipper Reviews
Joan G Engineer

Huge time saver for dealing with PDF data

Quickly extracts transaction data from PDFs, supports international banks, and offers a reconciliation feature for fact-checking.

Bryce Y DocuClipper Reviews
Bryce Y Consultant

Conquering Challenging Absa Bank Statement Conversion

Successfully converts difficult Absa bank statement PDFs, outperforming other conversion software options.

Frans M DocuClipper Reviews
Frans M. Senior Consultant

DocuClipper is a lifesaver

Saves time during tax season, quickly converting bank statements to usable format, reduces human error, and offers flexible pricing.

Julia J. Accountant

Easy to use

User-friendly interface, easily converts bank statements for accounting software imports, and delivers satisfying results.

Wayne M. Small Business Owner

Best for bank statement conversions

DocuClipper offers a user-friendly interface and requires no additional editing for seamless conversions.

Amelia V.

Bank statements convered in seconds

Better than the competition. Definitely better. So easy to use. Would like to promote Docuclipper on my business social media.

Cherine M. Business Accountant

DocuClipper Supports Various Finance Software Formats

Provides multiple download format options, compatible with popular finance management software and services.

Braxton B. Finance

Smartest software out there

Amazing software. We do a lot of pdf to excel conversions as an accounting firm, and Docuclipper is the most accurate and intelligent of any other service we have tried.

Ankur V. Accountant

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Frequently Asked Questions about DocuClipper's Bank Statement Converter

A bank statement converter transforms PDF bank statements into digital formats like Excel or CSV, streamlining financial management, reducing human error, and enabling seamless integration with accounting software for improved data analysis and organization.

Yes, you can convert bank statement PDFs to Excel using a bank statement converter such as DocuClipper, which extracts financial data from the PDF and organizes it into an Excel spreadsheet, simplifying financial management and analysis.

By using Bank Statement Converter like DocuClipper you can easily convert PDF bank statements into Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets within a few seconds. Additionally, the DocuClipper bank statement converter allows you to then import the bank extract into your accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, or Xero.

A bank statement converter is a tool that extracts and organizes financial data from PDF bank statements to Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets. Automating data extraction and reconciliation saves time, reduces manual errors, and streamlines financial analysis, budgeting, tax preparation, and reporting tasks.

DocuClipper’s Bank Statement Converter leverages advanced data recognition technology as well as is trained on hundreds of thousands of bank statements to achieve high accuracy in data extraction. It also includes automatic reconciliation, comparing transaction totals to summary information for added reliability. Security is a top priority, with secure and confidential data handling practices in place to protect sensitive financial information.

Yes, the DocuClipper Bank Statement Converter is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular accounting and financial software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Excel. This allows you to easily export and analyze the extracted data within your preferred platform, further streamlining your financial management tasks.

Absolutely! DocuClipper’s Bank Statement Converter offers customizable data extraction templates, making it adaptable to various industries and business needs. It’s designed to handle both small-scale and large-volume bank statement conversion tasks, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

To get started with the DocuClipper Bank Statement Converter, simply visit the DocuClipper website and sign up for a free trial. You’ll gain access to the converter and its features, allowing you to experience its benefits firsthand and decide if it’s the right solution for your financial management needs.

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