Intelligent OCR Software for Extracting Data from Financial Documents

DocuClipper OCR software accurately extract data from bank statements, invoices, and receipts in seconds. With Specialized OCR algorithm for each type of financial document, we ensure that your data is captured accurately to save you time, money, and reduce errors, while boosting your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 


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bank statement ocr 99% Precision


Our software accurately extract data from financial documents

bank statement ocr instant conversion of financial documents

Instant Conversions

Extract data from documents at once in seconds to finish your work faster.

bank statement ocr Fully Automatic​


Fully automated OCR data extraction, just drag-and-drop, easy to use.

DocuClipper provides excellent expert customer support


Receive excellent customer service to ensure we don’t slow you down.

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#1 OCR

Rated as the #1 OCR software for financial documents, with unmatched accuracy and ease of use.

DocuClipper Unique OCR features

Specialized Algorithms

Specialized algorithms for every document type to ensure highest accuracy & speed.

Discover the Top 3 Features of DocuClipper

At DocuClipper, we have developed three main features helping financial professionals with day to day tasks.

OCR Data Extraction

DocuClipper specialized OCR software automaticall extract data from invoices, receipts, bank statements, and from other financial documets.

Transaction Categorization

Upload or convert your bank transactions and automatically categorize your transaction using keywords to better and faster manage your finances and prepare your taxes.

Financial Analysis

Analyze financial transactions to discover account transfers, spending patterns, view flow of funds, manage budgeting, and dive deep into financial investigation.

Feature #1: Data Extraction

Extract Data from All Your Financial Documents with Accuracy, Speed, and Ease

Extract data from:

docuclipper invoice scanning ocr software highest accuracy

Streamline Your Invoice Scanning, Processing, & Management

Efficiently process invoices with advanced automation tools. Ensure accurate data capture and faster turnaround times for improved cash flow management.

docuclipper receipt scanner app highest accuracy

Enhance Your Receipt Processing with Automated Solution

Transform how you manage receipts with our cutting-edge OCR and AI technology. Capture and categorize every detail for better expense tracking.

DocuClipper Bank Statement Converter to csv, xls, qbo, json

Convert Any PDF Bank Statement in Seconds

Leverage automation to streamline bank statement reconciliation. Reduce errors and save time with precise matching and instant insights.

DocuClipper Bank Statement Converter to csv, xls, qbo, json

Simplify Credit Card Statement Management

Manage credit card statements effortlessly. Our tools help you track spending, detect fraudulent activities, and reconcile expenses swiftly.

DocuClipper Bank Statement Converter to csv, xls, qbo, json

Streamline Brokerage Statement Analysis

Empower your investment strategy with streamlined brokerage statement processing. Extract and analyze critical data efficiently to make informed decisions.

Easily Import Your Data to Any ERP or Accounting Software

DocuClipper seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and allows you to export your data into several format types so you can easily import your processed documents into any of your accounting or ERP software.

docuclipper integrations with erp and accounting software

Accurately and Fast Extract Data & Import It Into Your ERP or Accounting Software at Fraction of the Cost

Extracted data can be easily imported into any ERP & accounting software. For more information visit our accounting software OCR & ERP software OCR pages.

Process Douments at Scale With Our Leading OCR APIs That's Ready for Any Workload

Invoice OCR API

Efficiently extract and digitize data from invoices with high precision. Our Invoice OCR reduces manual data entry and accelerates accounts payable processes.

Receipt OCR API

Automatically capture and categorize receipt information. Ideal for expense management, our Receipt OCR helps businesses track spending accurately and easily.

Bank Statement OCR API

Simplify bank statement reconciliation with our accurate OCR technology. Quickly convert printed or digital statements into actionable data, enhancing financial analysis.

Credit Card Statement OCR API

Transform credit card statements into structured data with ease. Use our Credit Card Statement OCR for meticulous tracking and auditing of your financial transactions.

Brokerage Statement OCR API

Effortlessly process and analyze brokerage statements. Our Brokerage Statement OCR provides precise data extraction for better investment decision-making support.


Effortlessly process and analyze brokerage statements. Our Brokerage Statement OCR provides precise data extraction for better investment decision-making support.

Feature #2: Transaction Categorization

Automatically Categorize Your Bank Transactions

Upload your bank transactions from CSV file or convert bank statements and set up your transaction categorization for tracking your financials and tax purposes.

Simplified Transaction Categorization

Automatically categorize transactions using keywords, simplifying data analysis and interpretation. 

Transaction Categories DocuClipper Features

Feature #3: Financial Analysis

Accurate Financial Analysis for Any Financial Documents

Effortlessly convert and analyze bank statements and transactions from CSV files for tax preparations, financial investigations, divorce case analysis, and creditworthiness assessments.

Simplified Transaction Categorization

Automatically categorize transactions using keywords, simplifying data analysis and interpretation. 

DocuClipper Flow of Funds

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Frequently Asked Questions about DocuClipper Features

DocuClipper can process a wide range of financial documents, including bank statements, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, brokerage statements, purchase orders, sales orders, and tax documents such as Form 1040, 1040-SR, W-2, Form 1098, Form 1099, Form 1040-X, Form 4868 Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C, and Schedule D.

DocuClipper’s OCR technology boasts an impressive up to 99.6% accuracy rate, ensuring your data is captured precisely and fast.

DocuClipper can handle various formats such as PDFs and images. The extracted data can be exported in multiple formats, including CSV, XLSX, QBO, IIF, and QIF.

Yes, DocuClipper uses keywords to automatically categorize your transactions, simplifying data analysis and financial management.

Absolutely. DocuClipper seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, allowing for easy import and export of your data.

DocuClipper processes documents almost instantly, converting and extracting data in seconds to help you complete your tasks faster.

Yes, DocuClipper is designed to process documents at scale. You can either upload up to 500 documents at once or Our OCR APIs can handle high workloads, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

DocuClipper is rated #1 due to its unmatched accuracy, ease of use, specialized algorithms for different document types, and comprehensive features that cater specifically to financial professionals.

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