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10-50 employees

Use Case

Bank statement conversion, data import into import into Xero

"Switching to DocuClipper has been a game-changer for us at Suttle & Co. Not only have we saved approximately 2 hours weekly on manual data entry, but this significant time saving has allowed us to enhance our advisory services, directly impacting our bottom line. It's not just about the hours saved; it's about how we can better use that time to serve our clients and grow our business."
Sarah Winship
Accountant at Suttle & Co

Company Background

Commercial Accounting & Taxation Ltd is an accountancy and business support firm based in Swanage, Dorset, UK. Established in 1984, they offer a range of services including tax planning, payroll, and business advice, catering to businesses and individuals seeking professional financial guidance and support.

Challenges Faced by Suttle & Co

Before integrating DocuClipper into their operations, Suttle & Co struggled with several critical challenges:

  • Excessive Time Spent on Manual Data Entry: Employees were dedicating an unsustainable amount of time to manually entering data from PDF bank and credit card statements. This repetitive task was consuming resources that could have been better utilized elsewhere.
  • Inefficient Processing of Financial Documents: The firm struggled with the processing of old bank statements and credit card statements available only in PDF format. This inefficiency was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

These challenges had significant impacts on the company’s operations:

  • Resource Misallocation: Valuable employee time was being diverted away from analytical and advisory roles, key areas where the firm added significant value to its clients.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: The slow and error-prone manual entry system led to delays and inaccuracies in financial reporting and analysis.
  • Client Service Impact: These inefficiencies potentially affected the firm’s ability to serve clients promptly and accurately, impacting client satisfaction and trust.

These challenges prompted Suttle & Co to seek a more efficient solution, leading them to discover and implement DocuClipper.

DocuClipper: Streamlining Operations at Suttle & Co

In response to their challenges, Suttle & Co chose DocuClipper for its robust features that directly addressed their needs:

  • Automated Data Entry: DocuClipper’s technology significantly reduced manual data input by accurately converting PDF bank and credit card statements into digital formats compatible with Xero, streamlining the data entry process.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The DocuClipper precise processing (with up to 99.6% conversion accuracy) of old and new PDF statements minimized errors and increased efficiency, addressing the company’s previous challenges with accuracy and speed.

The decision to implement DocuClipper was driven by its proven track record in processing speed, conversion accuracy, and ease of use. These features offered a direct solution to the firm’s previous time and resource allocation issues, enabling a more effective and streamlined approach to financial document management.

Impactful Outcomes for Suttle & Co with DocuClipper

Following the integration of DocuClipper, Suttle & Co experienced significant improvements across their operations:

  • Significant Time Savings: The company has effectively saved around 2 hours weekly, saving hundreds of pounds each month. This substantial time saving allows the firm to allocate more resources towards analytical and advisory tasks, increasing their value to clients.
  • Improved Profitability & Client Service: By reallocating the 2 hours saved weekly from manual data entry to financial advisory services, Suttle & Co could potentially generate an additional £20,000+ annually, enhancing their profitability while delivering expanded services and higher client satisfaction without increasing operational costs.
  • Error Reduction and Enhanced Efficiency: Shifting to DocuClipper’s automated data entry has markedly decreased manual errors, improving the accuracy of financial analysis and documentation. This shift has streamlined their processes, ensuring more dependable financial reporting and insightful analysis.
  • Boost in Employee Morale: The automation provided by DocuClipper has significantly reduced the burden of repetitive tasks on staff, leading to increased job satisfaction. Employees now spend their time on more rewarding and impactful activities, fostering a more engaging and productive work environment.
  • Overall Satisfaction with DocuClipper: The team at Suttle & Co particularly praises the software for its precision in conversion, swift processing speeds, and ease of use. These attributes have not only amplified their operational efficiency but have also enhanced their overall service quality and improved the financial wellbeing of the firm.

Suttle & Co values DocuClipper most for its conversion accuracy, processing speed, and user-friendly interface. These benefits not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to better client service and financial health for the firm.

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