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South Africa



Team size

10-50 employees

Use Case

Bank statement conversion, data import into import into Xero

"Fantastic service, keep up the good work. The accuracy and processing speed of DocuClipper have not only saved us a lot of time but also transformed our operational efficiency and service quality."
Joanne Coetsee Simplistic Accounting
Joanne Coetsee

Company Background

Simplistic Accounting is an established accounting firm that brings the knowledge and experience of a Chartered Accountant to small businesses to optimize their systems and help them scale their businesses whilst ensuring that they remain compliant with all tax laws and regulations. They are especially passionate about Xero (being Xero Gold Champion partners and Xero migration certified) and all that this amazing accounting software brings to the table for their clients and helping small and medium enterprises grow and thrive.

Tedious Manual Data Entry Stifles Simplistic Accounting’s Growth

Before integrating DocuClipper into their operations, Simplistic Accounting faced a myriad of challenges that slowed down their growth and efficiency. 

Their team faced challenges such as:

  • Excessive Time on Manual Data Entry: Hours spent manually entering data from PDF bank statements was not only time-consuming but also diverted valuable resources away from more strategic activities.
  • Errors and Inaccuracies: Manual handling of bank statements was prone to human error, leading to inaccuracies in financial reports and analyses.
  • Workflow Delays: The slow and inefficient processing of bank statements delayed financial operations, including month-end closing and transaction reconciliations.
  • Limited Processing Capability: The firm struggled with poor conversion accuracy and a limited ability to process various bank statements, hindering their service scope and quality.
  • High Operational Costs: The inefficiencies and time spent on manual entry translated into high operational costs for Simplistic Accounting.

These challenges prompted the need for a reliable solution that could streamline their bank statement processing and enhance overall operational efficiency.

DocuClipper Revolutionizes Bank Statement Processing for Simplistic Accounting

To address their operational challenges, Simplistic Accounting turned to DocuClipper for its ability to:

  • Efficiently Process PDF Bank Statements: DocuClipper’s advanced technology enabled the firm to swiftly convert PDF bank and credit card statements for use in Xero, drastically reducing manual data entry requirements.
  • Improve Accuracy: The choice of DocuClipper was largely influenced by its superior accuracy in data conversion, mitigating previous issues of errors and inaccuracies.
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency: By automating the processing of old and current bank statements, Simplistic Accounting witnessed a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with manual data entry.

These solutions directly tackled the firm’s challenges, setting a solid foundation for improved financial management and service delivery.

Transformative Efficiency and Accuracy with DocuClipper

To confront and solve their operational hurdles, Simplistic Accounting integrated DocuClipper into their workflow, motivated by its promise to transform their approach to processing bank statements. 

Here’s how DocuClipper redefined efficiency and accuracy for Simplistic Accounting:

  • Time Savings and Cost Reduction: Simplistic Accounting saved approximately 4 hours per week on data entry, allowing the team to focus more on analysis and advisory roles resulting in thousands saved per month.
    • Improved Team Happiness: The reduction in manual data entry significantly decreased frustration among the team, leading to improved workplace satisfaction.
    • Operational Benefits: Enhanced efficiency in financial operations, improved financial management, increased advisory service quality, and reduced operational costs were among the key benefits experienced as well as saving outsourcing manual data entry.
  • Revenue Impact: By reallocating the 4 hours saved weekly towards client advisory and more strategic tasks, that’s an additional R4,000 per week or R16,000 per month.
  • Error Rate Reduction: Moving from a 4-5% manual data entry error rate to 0.05 – 0.04% rate not only enhances the quality of financial reporting and analysis but also reduces costs associated with correcting errors further increasing the cost savings.
  • Error Correction Costs: The cost savings from reduced errors (even without quantifying the reduced frequency of errors) would be significant over time, given the improved accuracy rate.

By adopting DocuClipper, Simplistic Accounting has effectively addressed its core challenges. 

The firm now enjoys a robust platform that significantly enhances its financial management and service delivery, underscored by a substantial reduction in operational costs and a marked improvement in data processing accuracy. 

This strategic move has solidified Simplistic Accounting’s commitment to embracing technological solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and excellence in financial operations.

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