How to convert bank statements to Excel

How to convert bank statements to Excel

Bank statements contain valuable financial data. But before you can do anything useful with that data, you need to convert it to a structured format like an Excel spreadsheet.

However, the conversion process can be difficult when you only have digital or scanned copies of the bank statements. You might need to manually copy each cell or spend a lot of time fixing formatting issues. If the document is scanned you might not be able to copy anything at all!

Thankfully there’s an easier option. With DocuClipper you can quickly extract fields and tables from bank statements and copy them to Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheets automatically. This is how:

  • Adapt the bank statement example template to fit your document type.
  • Use the template to extract fields and tables from one or more bank statements.
  • Export the extracted data to Excel or Google Docs.

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