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Amistad Real Estate is a family-owned real estate business. Founded and headquartered in Miami, FL in 1993, the company has helped thousands of customers buy and sell real estate.


Amistad Real Estate couldn't access their financial statements because they only had paper copies. Importing 10+ years of transactions manually into QuickBooks would have taken months.


Amistad Real Este used DocuClipper to automatically import the transactions into QuickBooks.

Docuclipper made downloading our documents that were on paper super easy to export and upload to QuickBooks Online.

Raphael C.

Broker / Owner

Both scanned and digital documents
Using advanced OCR technology, Docuclipper can handle both scanned and digital documents. Even low-quality scans can be processed successfully.
Years of data available in seconds
Thanks to its scalable design, DocuClipper can quickly process documents in bulk. Dozens of statements can be processed in seconds.
Responsive and helpful support
Accustomed to unresponsive customer support, Amistad Real Estate was pleasantly surprised by how responsive the DocuClipper support team was. “Any question or issue was resolved on the same day”, Raphael said.

Using the right tools allows Amistad Real Estate to work more efficiently and focus on what they do best, buying and selling Real Estate.

Save time and reduce errors.
Automate data extraction with DocuClipper.

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