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How to Assign Transactions to Multiple Accounts and Periods in DocuClipper

When processing a statement with multiple accounts or months, DocuClipper might assign all the transactions to a single account. This guide will help you correctly assign transactions.

Step 1: Identifying the Issue: Sometimes, a statement with multiple accounts (e.g., checking and savings) and months might have all transactions assigned to a single account.

account 0 in DocuClipper

Step 2: Assigning Transactions to the Right Accounts and Periods:

  • Select the transactions you want to assign by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Click on ‘assign to account/period’.
assign to accounts or period docuclipper
  • Click on ‘add account/period’.
add account or period docuclipper
  • Enter the account name (e.g., checking, savings) and the start and end dates of the period.
enter account name and start and end dates

Step 3: Reconciling the Period:

  • Edit the start balance.
  • Edit the end balance.
edit start and balance docuclipper
  • Edit start and end dates (From and To) in case they’re missing.
  • Ensure the period shows it’s reconciled. If it’s not reconciled you can fix the transactions or add any missing ones.
periods reconcile in bank statement

Step 4: Reconciling Other Accouns/periods:

Follow the same steps for other accounts, until the bank statement is reconciled.

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Updated on August 10, 2023