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Do All Pages Count Towards My Page Limit in DocuClipper, Even Those Without Transactions?

When using DocuClipper, understanding how your page limit works are crucial to managing your subscription effectively. A common question we receive is whether pages without transactions count toward the page limit. This article will clarify this aspect of our service.

Do All Pages Count? #

Yes, all pages count towards your page limit in DocuClipper, regardless of whether they contain transactions. This is because we need to process every page to determine if it contains data, and we incur a cost in doing so.

How Can I Manage My Page Usage? #

If you have documents with many pages that don’t contain transactions, you can manage your page usage more effectively by removing these extra pages from the PDF before converting. This way, you can ensure that your page limit is used primarily for pages with transactions, maximizing the value you get from your DocuClipper subscription.

Conclusion #

While all pages count towards your page limit in DocuClipper, you have the flexibility to manage your page usage by removing pages without transactions before converting. This allows you to focus on the pages that matter most to your data extraction needs. If you have any further questions about how pages are counted in DocuClipper, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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Updated on August 7, 2023
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